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Nassar Tree Care Services

Nassar Tree Care is your full service residential and commercial tree specialist, from installation and care to pruning and removal. Scroll down to learn about the full range of services from Nassar Tree Care.

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Tree Removal

Tree preservation is always our goal, but we understand that removal is sometime inevitable. At Nassar Tree Care, our team is highly trained to work safely and efficiently in all tree removals. Our professional team can assess the situation, take the correct course of action and undertake the work. Whether you need a tree service to help you remove trees that are blocking your view or diseased trees that are threatening to fall on your roof, our tree removal experts are ready to help.


Proper pruning can improve the safety, health, and appearance of trees. Selecting the right pruning or trimming plan is critical for your trees health, stability and aesthetic. At Nassar Tree Care we do a thorough review of what your tree needs to determine the proper solution, which could include crown thinning, dead-wood removal and/or structural pruning. All work is completed in compliance with ANSI A300 industry standards.

Class 1 Fine Pruning– Consists of the removal of dead, dying, diseased, interfering, objectionable, and weak branches, as well as selective thinning to lessen wind resistance. Deadwood up to ½” in diameter may remain with the main leaf area.

Class 2 Medium Pruning (Standard)– Consists of removal of dead, dying, diseased, interfering, objectionable, and weak branches. Deadwood up to 1” in diameter may remain with the main leaf area.

Class 3 Course Pruning (Hazard)– Consists of pruning of the removal of dead, diseased, or obviously weak branches, 2 inches in diameter or greater. 

Class 4 Crown Reduction– Consists of the reduction of tops, sides, and under branches or individual limbs. 

Benefits of Annual Tree Pruning
  • Allows for better growth and health.
  • Improves flowering.
  • Decreases the risk of dead branches causing damage.
  • Reduces wind resistance.
  • Improves the property’s safety.
  • Improves tree structure.
  • Opens property for better sunlight and exposure to other vegetation.
  • Improves overall appearance.

Stump Removal

Let the tree service professionals at Nassar Tree Care take care of your unsightly stumps by grinding below the grade of ground. Removing stumps can provide a variety of benefit, including improving the look and usable space of your yard, removing potential tripping hazards and eliminating a potential insect habitat. Once stump is removed, the area can then be filled in with dirt or grass to match surrounding landscape. We take care of the stumps so you don’t have to easily and effectively. Like it was never there. 

3 Little-Known Facts About Stump Removal

1. Stump Removal Has Benefits

There are many reasons stumps should be removed. For starters, when they begin to rot, they become the perfect home for snakes, termites, ants, and pests. Fungus also loves to live in and on rotting stumps. Once the fungus starts to grow, it can spread to healthy trees in your yard. Stumps can be tripping hazards, too. It’s important to remove them to prevent accidents from happening in your yard. Finally, removing ugly stumps makes a yard more beautiful.

2. Stump Grinding Doesn’t Have to Stop at the Ground

When stump grinding is the method used to remove a stump, it can be done under the ground as well as above ground. The grinding can go eight to 12 inches underground, allowing you to plant another shrub in the same spot. The large lateral roots are removed, and the roots underground will die and rot.

3. Stump Grinding Has Less Impact on Your Yard Than Excavation

When a stump is excavated, large machinery is often used, while stump grinding only uses one small machine, reducing the risk of your yard being torn up. Excavating also leaves a large hole that needs to be filled; grinding leaves a small hole, if any, and the grindings can be used as mulch in your yard.

Tree & Lawn Treatments

In the natural setting trees live in perfect harmony with their environment. Leaves and twigs breakdown on the forest floor, recycling the nutrients needed for growth. In the urban landscape, trees face a number of challenges.

Nassar Tree Care can help supplement what your trees are lacking in nutrients caused by high ph levels, restricted root zones, heat and drought, and competition from other trees and shrubs. By supplementing nutrients with feeding and fertilizing, your trees will benefit and show signs of health and strong growth in years to come.

Nassar Tree Care is excited to be partnering with Blue Grass Lawn and Tree in continuing our passion to keep trees and lawns healthy.  

In addition to our current tree fertilization and disease treatment, our services now include:

  • Fertilization
  • Disease treatment
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Weed control

Make a plan with one of our specialists for your tree and lawn care now.  

Tracklift Service- A Nassar Exclusive

Nassar Tree Care also offers Tracklift Service. This special machine is one of few in the Pittsburgh area. Our Tracklift can fit into tight spots and still provide 360 degree ariel access for pruning and removal. It reaches 72 feet in the air and fits through a standard 36 inch fence gate. This machine is ideal for dead or dying trees too dangerous to climb, and the concern for lawn damage is minimal.

Cabling and Bracing

Improving Your Tree’s Structural Integrity

Trees can grow in such a manner that their physical structure may not be able to support the growth, leading to structural failure. All trees can fail, given the right circumstances, even those without a structural deficiency.

Structural failure of a large branch, trunk, or root system can result in significant property damage, personal injury, or fatality. It can also cause the decline of a tree’s health over time. Cables and bracing rods are simply tools arborists use to add support to a weak structure.

When trees have a poor branching habit, split or cracked limb structures, areas of decay, or a poor root system, there is always a risk for structural failure. Some tree species produce a heavy crop of fruit or acorns which adds to the potential for structural failure. Improper pruning in the past can also lead to structural failure. When these weak areas fail, large limbs, trunks, or entire trees may come crashing down on anything underneath them.     

In the case of weak limb structures, cables and bracing rods may be installed to offer some support. Properly placed cables between limbs can help redistribute the load of weight, allowing the limbs or trunks to support each other. Bracing rods are often used to support splitting limbs by bolting them together. Installing rods and/or cables offer additional support but does NOT offer any guarantee they will not fail in the future. Remember that ALL trees can fail given the right circumstances, regardless of their size. 

Tree Installation

Choosing and planting a tree should be a well informed and planned decision. Proper selection and planting can provide years of enjoyment for you and future generations as well as increased property value, improved environmental quality, and economic benefits. On the other hand, an inappropriate tree for your site or location can be a continual challenge and maintenance problem, or even a potential hazard, especially when there are utilities or other infrastructure nearby.

Nassar Tree Care guide you through the steps to finding the right tree and the right location in your yard. 

Once your plan is organized, you can count on our team to take every ounce of care in taking the appropriate steps to insure your new addition stays happy and healthy.   

Storm Damage Service

With our skill and expertise at Nassar Tree Care, we have what it takes to help restore your property, and your piece of mind while making your home safe again. With plenty of experience, our staff can help you through the cleanup, guide you through the insurance process, and do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. When disaster strikes, trust our professionals at Nassar Tree Care. 

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